About Me

I thrive helping people succeed!

I have been providing administrative support and bookkeeping services for over 20 years to small and medium-sized businesses. I have worked as an employee and a contractor but became fond of controlling my own schedule, even though I work longer hours.  I have been involved with several start-ups and enjoyed the challenges that come with them.

I am President of the local Chamber of Commerce and have been successful in growing its membership, revenue and programs over the past year.

I was appointed Chair of our local tourism commission last year and have been working with other volunteers to promote outdoor recreation in our area.

I am active with Friends of Taylorsville Lake State Park, a local non-profit that raises money to enhance the experiences of visitors to the park. We received a grant in 2017 to begin repair on the trail system - we are breaking ground this month.

I look forward to becoming your next asset!